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Littlefield: Bucs Don't Plan to Trade Wilson

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Despite rumors at A's Nation (thanks, Momen21) that Craig Wilson is headed to Oakland for Kirk Saarloos (yuck), Dave Littlefield says he doesn't plan to trade Wilson.

I assume that not even an idiot and pitching fetishist like Littlefield is dumb enough to trade Wilson for the likes of Saarloos, a journeyman with mediocre (but deceptive) stuff who walked more batters than he struck out last year. (Fun fact: Saarloos' middle name is Craig.) But neither am I convinced that Littlefield would ever intentionally spend $4 million on a bench player, especially not a player he has relentlessly crapped on in the past. I'm sure Littlefield would love to trade Wilson, but I think he'll wait for a better offer than this.