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Littlefield: Bucs Don't Plan to Trade Wilson

Despite rumors at A's Nation (thanks, Momen21) that Craig Wilson is headed to Oakland for Kirk Saarloos (yuck), Dave Littlefield says he doesn't plan to trade Wilson.

I assume that not even an idiot and pitching fetishist like Littlefield is dumb enough to trade Wilson for the likes of Saarloos, a journeyman with mediocre (but deceptive) stuff who walked more batters than he struck out last year. (Fun fact: Saarloos' middle name is Craig.) But neither am I convinced that Littlefield would ever intentionally spend $4 million on a bench player, especially not a player he has relentlessly crapped on in the past. I'm sure Littlefield would love to trade Wilson, but I think he'll wait for a better offer than this.