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Perrotto: Pirates to Focus on Schmidt

This article claims that the Pirates will focus on free agent pitcher Jason Schmidt this offseason.

In other news, this offseason I will focus on winning a Pulitzer.

UPDATE: Speaking of people who won't be winning Pulitzers any time soon, Rob Rossi has this article About Schmidt in the Trib (via Ram25 in the comments):

Bay's face is no longer the only one representing the Pirates.

There is the stoic Sanchez, perhaps the team's most popular player in addition to its MVP.

There are the engaging Duke and Snell, the aces-in-waiting.

There is good-natured Ronny Paulino, the catcher who came out of nowhere to rate among the National League's best rookies.

There are the unflappable Salomon Torres and Matt Capps, the tireless anchors of the bullpen.

And, of course, there is the energetic Jack Wilson, who remains the glue of this club.

Unquestionably, there is a new attitude.

"Unflappable"! "Stoic"! "Good-Natured"! "Aces-in-Waiting"! "Energetic"! "Engaging"! "Glue"!

Is this supposed to be journalism?