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Link Roundup

-P- As mentioned in the comments to the last thread, the Nuttings have chosen not to put slots in at Seven Springs because doing so would force them to make serious changes to the way the Pirates' ownership is organized. So they'd rather make tons of money from the Pirates than from slots at Seven Springs.

-P- Pirate minor leaguers Brian Bixler, Nyjer Morgan and Steve Lerud apparently have been hitting pretty well in the Hawaii Winter League - the league's website says that Morgan is leading the league in stolen bases and that he's third in the league in on-base percentage. The team stats elsewhere on the site are different, but the basic outline is the same. Wardell Starling and Justin Vaclavik have been hit pretty hard, however.

-P- Thanks to USS Mariner for the kind mention today. That site is actually one of my three or four favorite non-Pirates team blogs, and it has been for a long time.