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Year-End Wrap Ups

Here are year-end pieces by the Post-Gazette and the AP. The Post-Gazette's is more detailed, and it's good - it features one of the Stats Geek's funnier columns. But the AP nails it, I think:

"What we've seen here is a growth process over the course of 162 games and definitely something for us to build on," manager Jim Tracy said, even though the Pirates lost eight of their final 10. "We had a winning record (43-38) at PNC Park for the first time since the doors opened. We were above .500 (after the break) for the first time since 1992."

However, the Pirates have repeatedly flashed promising sign after promising sign during 14 consecutive losing seasons -- two short of the major league record of 16 set by the Phillies from 1933-48.

Exactly. And after every promising sign, there are cries that success is just around the corner.