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Let The Offseason Begin!

The offseason is already underway, what with 83 players having filed for free agency and with a strong market already having developed for Luis freaking Gonzalez. (That's probably a good thing - the Pirates would swoop right in if no one wanted him.) Here's the latest:

-P- From the first article linked above, Joe Randa has already filed for free agency.

-P- Pat has a good list of players the Pirates should consider trading.

-P- The Pirates' website has a list of the Pirates playing winter ball. The same article also says that the Pirates have not talked to Freddy Sanchez about an extension.

-P- Here are updated Arizona Fall League stats. Neil Walker isn't hitting at all, and neither are Brad Eldred or Craig Stansberry. Dave Davidson's numbers have been poor. Jesse Chavez, Josh Shortslef and Brian Rogers have allowed only one run among them, however.