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Perrotto: Get Teixeira

John Perrotto says the Bucs should try to trade for Rangers first baseman Mark Teixeira.

Two things.

First, I don't see this happening. Teixeira is worth a lot, and the Pirates just don't have a lot to give up. The loss of one young starter would make a complete mess of the Bucs' rotation. The Bucs have no offensive talent to spare, other than in the middle infield, and the Rangers don't have middle-infield needs. The Pirates do have some relievers, but relievers are should almost always be complementary pieces, not building blocks, and I don't know why the Rangers would want to trade their best player for complementary pieces. (Some GM's would do it, but I don't think the Rangers' Jon Daniels is one of them.) The Rangers would probably want prospects for Teixeira in addition to at least one good young major-leaguer, and the Pirates just don't have prospects to burn.

Second, although I love Teixeira, I don't understand why the Pirates would trade for him unless he came ridiculously cheap. Teixeira is eligible for free agency after the 2008 season, and you can bet he wouldn't re-up with the Pirates after that. Acquiring Teixeira would essentially be an all-in move. The Pirates were 28 games below .500 in 2006. Would this be a wise time for them to go all-in?