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Free Agent Signing Season

Free agent signing season has begun, and John Perrotto is your source of Pirates-related speculation. Many of the possibilities he describes are in the I'll-believe-it-when-I-see-it category, and some of those that aren't are the usual mix of bad ideas and uninspired ideas. Here's one I found interesting, though:

A more realistic trade possibility is Florida first baseman Mike Jacobs, who hit .262 with 20 homers and 77 RBIs in 117 games as a rookie last season but faded down the stretch. The Pirates likely wouldn't have to trade a starting pitcher for Jacobs as the Marlins are interested in center fielder Chris Duffy.

I've always liked Jacobs. He'll play next year at 26, and he has an .849 career OPS. However, he may be a little too Craig Wilson-y for the Pirates.

Also, I know I've bashed Duffy a lot, but recently I've come to realize just how bad the Pirates' defense was last year. Duffy and Freddy Sanchez were the only defenders the Pirates had who were especially good for their position. I think Jacobs is pretty clearly an upgrade, but now I wonder he's worth acquiring for the one guy on the team who's legitimately great on defense. If it's Jacobs for Duffy straight-up, I'd probably do that deal.

What do y'all think?