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Arizona Fall League Update

Finally, some better news from the Arizona Fall League. Craig Stansberry is still lost at sea, hitting .128/.192/.263, but Brad Eldred and Neil Walker have finally started to get their bats on the ball. Neither are going to finish the AFL campaign with good numbers, but at least they won't have been embarrassments, at least not on offense. Defensively, Walker still isn't throwing runners out, but at least they aren't running wild on him anymore.

On the pitching side, Jesse Chavez has still only allowed one run so far. Dave Davidson got hit hard earlier in the AFL season, but has calmed down since then, lowering his ERA to 5.17, with a respectable 14 strikeouts and 6 walks in 15.2 innings. Josh Shortslef still has a low ERA but has walked more batters than he's struck out. Brian Rogers still hasn't allowed a run, but he hasn't pitched in a week, either.