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Yuslan Herrera to Get Three-Year Deal

So says the Bucs' website:

Herrera's agent, Jaime Torres, told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on Wednesday that a three-year agreement has been reached, "pending a physical."

"We're in the process of getting [Herrera] the necessary visa and paperwork," Torres said. "Once that's done, we should have a final binding contract."

Wow. That's quite a commitment to someone who hasn't played competitively the past two years.

Here, though, the Bucs refuse to confirm that they've signed Herrera, and writer Paul Meyer also drops this:

It's unlikely Herrera, assuming the Pirates sign him, would be with the major-league team next season.
That wouldn't surprise me since Herrera hasn't pitched, but if that's true, it would seem unlikely that the Pirates are going to give him a three-year deal.