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Brewers Acquire Johnny Estrada From D'Backs

I'm a little bit late on this, but I just got back to a real internet connection in California, so I'm going to catch up.

Brewers get:

C Johnny Estrada
SP Claudio Vargas
RP Greg Aquino

D'Backs get:

SP Doug Davis
SP Dana Eveland
OF Dave Krynzel

I love this deal for the Diamondbacks. With Chris Snyder ready to step in, the Snakes really don't need Estrada, who's just an aging, average backstop anyway. Aquino is a run-of-the-mill reliever and Vargas is just a bad starter. In return, Arizona gets Davis, who had big-time control problems last year but was excellent the two previous years, and Eveland, who could blossom into at least a solid #3 starter. The D'Backs get by far the most upside in this trade. The folks at Brew Crew Ball actually seem really happy about it, though.