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Phils Sign Adam Eaton; M's Re-Sign Bloomquist

The Phillies have reportedly signed pitcher Adam Eaton to a three year deal worth around $24 million, along with a mutual option for a fourth year. In this market, this is a good signing for the Phillies. This contract covers his age 29 to 31 seasons, and while he's spent much of the last two seasons on the DL, he had finger injuries, not elbow or shoulder problems. When healthy, he's had decent ERAs and pretty good peripheral numbers, and I see no reason why that shouldn't continue. He does allow some homers, which may be a problem in Citizens Bank Park, but he's hardly another Eric Milton. Eaton should be about an average starter throughout the length of this contract, and if you're trying to contend, that's worth paying $24 million for.

The Mariners were also interested in Eaton - they've got pitching needs, and he's from Seattle - but they instead re-signed UT Willie Bloomquist to a two-year, $1.875 million deal. Basically, Bloomquist plays hard but is horrible. As a guy who can sort of play seven positions, there are worse uses of a 25-man roster spot, but there's also absolutely no reason to ever sign someone like Bloomquist to a multi-year deal.