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Link Roundup

-P- Ed Eagle issues a mea culpa about his reporting about Wardell Starling and Jesse Chavez last week. Basically, Starling is eligible for the Rule 5 draft, and Chavez isn't. The article also includes a quote about the situation from Dave Littlefield:

"We liked them all," Littlefield said. "We just think [David] Davidson has achieved very well. He's got a strikeout pitch. He's a left-handed reliever. [Romulo] Sanchez has some of the stuff we don't have a whole lot of..."

Naturally, he doesn't really answer the question of why Starling wasn't protected, or why Starling wasn't kept instead of any one of about ten worthless players currently on the roster.

-P- WTM imagines a meeting in which the Cubs' management discusses Alfonso Soriano and the Pirates.

-P- The Pirates have made a few minor signings to improve their talent-deprived Class A teams. The only really interesting one is Ronald Belisario, who threw extremely hard and had solid minor-league stats as a young Marlins prospect before missing the last two years with injuries.

-P- Honest Wagner has a great post up explaining one reason why we shouldn't care about Adam Dunn's strikeouts.