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Bucs Want Jeff Suppan

Nope. Never gonna get it.

I remember how it used to be / You never was this nice, you can't fool me /Now you talkin' like you made a change / The more you talk, the more things sound the same

At this point, I think we have to regard even free agent targets like Suppan as pipe dreams - just as Jason Schmidt was a pipe dream a few months ago and Jim Thome was a pipe dream a few years ago, Suppan is a pipe dream now. I'm not saying any of the reporting behind this story is wrong, just that there's a difference between showing interest in something and actually giving what it takes to get it.

Also from this article, I'm guessing Shawn Chacon is done as a Pirate:

The Pirates and Chacon have had "a couple discussions" related to a new contract, agent Dan Horwits said. It is believed that the team wants Chacon to take a pay cut as large as $1 million off his previous salary of $3.6 million, but it is highly unlikely Chacon will accept any cut. ... Chacon had said in September that he planned to have offseason surgery on a long-nagging injury to his right knee -- thought to be a torn meniscus -- but he never had any procedure. He and the Pirates agreed that rehabilitation was all that was needed, Horwits said.

About the only credible reason to think Chacon would be decent in 2007 was that he's had knee problems for a very long time and he was going to have surgery to clear those up. If rehab would actually fix his knee, I don't know why Chacon didn't try that long ago. My sense, then, is that the knee is not going to get fixed and Chacon is still going to be terrible. He probably would've been terrible anyway, but now I can't see any reason that even the Pirates would think he'd be good.