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Yuslan Herrera Signing May Not Be Done

In contrast to other recent reports, the AP says that the Pirates' contract with Cuban pitcher Yuslan Herrera may not be a done deal after all:

The Pittsburgh Pirates are interested in signing former Cuban Olympic right-hander Yuslan Herrera to a three-year contract, but any deal looks to be at least several weeks away...

Herrera, despite his lack of experience in organized baseball, would likely cost the Pirates a signing bonus of about $500,000.

If final terms are worked out - and Littlefield said the sides are negotiating - Herrera must obtain a visa and fly to the United States to undergo a physical before the Pirates sign off on any deal.

Apparently this isn't over, though I suspect the chances of the Pirates signing Herrera are extremely high. I don't know why this article would mention the length of the contract if the two sides were seriously still negotiating. My best guess is that the deal is done, but that Littlefield doesn't want to say so until it's official and he can stage a press conference to pat himself on the back. Anyway, stay tuned.