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Tom Glavine, Ray Durham Re-Sign

Tom Glavine and Ray Durham have re-signed with their teams. Glavine signed a one-year, $10.5 million deal to stay with the Mets. If he pitches 160 innings in 2007, he also gets a $6 million player option for 2008. Glavine is as old as the hills, but at this point, I think you have to say that if you can get anyone who might be a big-time contributor to sign a one-year contract this offseason, you've got to be happy with that. Glavine has posted ERAs in the threes in three consecutive years, and there's a decent chance he'll do it again. This is a pretty good deal for the Mets.

Ray Durham, meanwhile, has signed a two year deal worth a little over $14 million to stay with the Giants, the San Jose Mercury News reports. Glancing at Durham's stats, I was shocked how good Durham was last year - he hit .293/.360/.538 last year with 26 homers. Durham has posted an OPS below .800 in only one year since 1997, and that was in 2005. Even if he only hits .290/.356/.429 like he did that year, this is a good signing by the Giants. There are a number of decent options available at second base on the free agent market, and you've got to worry a little about how second basemen tend to age, but this still looks like a big hometown discount for San Francisco.