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Astros Trade for Jason Jennings

The Astros have traded for Rockies pitcher Jason Jennings.

Astros get:

SP Jason Jennings
P Miguel Asencio

Rockies get:

CF Willy Taveras
SP Taylor Buchholz
SP Jason Hirsh

Jennings is signed to a cheap deal this year and has a mutual option in 2007. Like a lot of Rockies pitchers, he was really good last year, posting a 3.78 ERA. Time will tell whether that breakout was legitimate or whether he'll just settle in as a league-average starter. Asencio is someone people have had high hopes for at various points, but the numbers just aren't there for him. At best, he might become a decent reliever.

Taveras is kind of a silly player - if he has significant value, we should assume Chris Duffy does, too. The Rockies should, in my opinion, quit messing around with guys like Taveras and Cory Sullivan, and find guys who can hit the ball over the fence. Like Sullivan, Taveras doesn't get on base well or hit for power. The real prizes for the Rockies here are Buchholz and Hirsh - it's probably safe to assume that between the two of them, the Rockies will get one cheap, league-average starter for the next five years.