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Link Roundup: Cota and Chacon Explained; M's Get Vidro

The Post-Gazette reports that Humberto Cota and B.P. Chacon will have non-guaranteed contracts, meaning that the Pirates can cut them in Spring Training and recover all but a small percentage of their salaries. In that sense, the Pirates could be keeping Cota and Chacon just in case something better doesn't come along. The Post-Gazette also reports that the team signed Carlos Maldonado to a minor league contract. Meanwhile, the P-G and the Beaver County Times report that various teams are showing serious interest in Mike Gonzalez. I'm trying not to waste a ton of time worrying about any more potential Gonzalez deals until one actually happens.

-P- The Nationals have agreed to send Jose Vidro to Seattle in exchange for outfielder Chris Snelling and pitcher Emiliano Fruto. As of right now, the Mariners have no particular need for Vidro - Jose Lopez is already a better option at second base, and Vidro's bat is no longer good enough to play anywhere else. In addition, he costs a bunch of money (which the M's will pay most of), and the players the M's gave up are actually decent. Fruto is a very good young relief prospect who reached the majors last year at age 22. Snelling is one of the most injury-prone players in baseball, but he's still young and can really hit. The Mariners may do another deal to make this look better, but no matter what happens, this is a big winner for the Nationals. Federal Baseball is thrilled; USS Mariner and Lookout Landing, not so much.