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Bucs Interested in Joel Pineiro

The Bucs are interested in starter Joel Pineiro, the Trib reports.

Pineiro's had his moments in his career, and he's only 28, but unless he comes dirt cheap or I could get some assurance that he's fully healthy, I'd stay away. Pineiro's ERAs the last two years have been 5.62 and 6.36, and that's not an accident. Since getting hurt in 2004, he's suffered mechanical troubles and losses of control and velocity. Maybe he'll get those things back, but I wouldn't hold my breath. And before Azibuck starts cracking jokes about Kip Wells in the comments, Pineiro isn't like Wells, who always threw pretty hard and looked like a big-league pitcher even when he struggled. Pineiro's more like Oliver Perez minus the upside.