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Rangers Trade for Brandon McCarthy

Rangers get:

SP Brandon McCarthy
OF David Paisano

White Sox get:

SP John Danks
RP Nick Masset
P Jacob Rasner

Tons of potential going both directions in this deal. McCarthy is a relatively polished young pitcher who could step up and be a reliable starter immediately. Danks was one of the Rangers' top prospects, and he's also close to the majors. Rasner is a mildly interesting prospect who's an extremely long way from the majors. Masset can help in the 'pen right now at the major league level, but doesn't have much upside. Paisano is so young and so far from the majors it's impossible to say what the Rangers are getting, but he killed the ball in the Venezuelan Summer League last year.

I've never seen Danks pitch. I've seen McCarthy several times and have been very, very impressed. Also, he has a major league track record, and Danks doesn't. So I like what the Rangers got in this trade, although it's far too early to declare a winner.

This is a really gutsy trade, by the way - it's rare that two youngsters with star potential are traded for each other. If one blossoms and the other doesn't, one of these GMs is going to look really bad.