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Angels Sign Shea Hillenbrand

The Angels have agreed to a one-year deal with Shea Hillenbrand, including a club option for 2008, ESPN reports.

Yes, Hillenbrand was so disruptive in the Blue Jays' clubhouse that they were forced to trade him. Yes, he's not very good. And yes, the Angels already have two promising young first basemen in Casey Kotchman and Kendry Morales. But given that Hillenbrand can also pick up ABs at third and designated hitter and that he's only signed for a year, I can't blame the Angels for guarding themselves against risk by signing him.

Hillenbrand is a very Angels sort of player, by the way - like Garret Anderson and other Angels, he hits well for average and has some power but couldn't take a walk to save his life.

Now would be a good time for the Pirates to try to trade for Kotchman, I think.