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Winter Meetings

I'd hoped something would happen at the Winter Meetings by now, but nothing really has. While you wait, you can look for updates at ESPN, FOX Sports and Rotoworld. Here's a Rule 5 draft preview that contains little blurbs about Wardell Starling and Adam Boeve. Ken Rosenthal, meanwhile, says the Bucs have asked about Braves first baseman Adam LaRoche.

Also, Dejan Kovacevic had a chat today from the meeting site in Orlando, and he had an article in today's paper that mentions names of some players the Bucs might try to acquire, like James Loney, Casey Kotchman, and Ryan Church. I can see the Bucs getting Church. Loney and Kotchman will be more expensive, and like Kovacevic, I'm skeptical that the Bucs will give up what it will take to get either one of them.

A couple of minor moves: the Braves are taking a flyer on former Yankee Tanyon Sturtze. He was a really bad pitcher to begin with and he's coming off rotator cuff surgery. The Braves are only committing $750,000, but that's still too much, in my opinion.

Also, Krazy Krivsky keeps on spinning his wheels. Now he's reportedly about to sign reliever Dave Weathers to a two-year deal worth about $5 million.