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Littlefield Strikes Again: No More LaRoche Offer

Bumped. - Charlie

Via WTM, the trade with the Braves is dead.

Atlanta general manager John Schuerholz pulled his offer off the table sometime after 6 p.m., then turned his attention toward another trade with the Seattle Mariners, also for a left-handed reliever, Rafael Soriano.

The Braves accused the Pirates of taking too long to decide on the deal. The Pirates say the Braves were wary about Gonzalez's health.

Emphasis mine. Given that a physical is presumably all it would take to assauge the Braves' concerns about Gonzalez's health, I'm betting the Braves' explanation is closer to the truth here. $(%*& Littlefield.


For most of the afternoon Wednesday, it appeared as though the Pittsburgh Pirates and Atlanta Braves were on the verge of finalizing a deal that would have sent Bucs closer Mike Gonzalez to Atlanta for first baseman Adam LaRoche. Atlanta's concern over Gonzalez's health was believed to be the only sticking point in the negotiations.

By nightfall, however, the proposed deal appeared to be abandoned altogether. Atlanta general manager John Schuerholz reportedly grew frustrated waiting for Pirates GM Dave Littlefield to pull the trigger on the trade and decided to move on to other options.

This makes me so angry. I don't know what to say about this that doesn't echo what I've said before, but if what Littlefield is doing is what is being reported, he is at least as guilty as ever of extreme stupidity and negligence. He lacks the confidence to execute even an obviously great trade, probably for fear of being blamed if it doesn't work out.