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The Stats Geek Returns

And with a really good article, no less!

I have one quibble with regard to this article about the Pirates' new veteran hitters. The Stats Geek correctly points out that Craig Wilson is a much better hitter than Jeromy Burnitz against lefties, and a better hitter overall. However, he writes:

The sum of the two could be better than either alone. Burnitz has handled right-handed pitching slightly better than Wilson the past three seasons (.831 OPS to Wilson's .803).

Burnitz' numbers are skewed by his 2004 season at Coors Field, in which he had a 915 OPS against righties. His 2003 and 2005 OPSs against righties were 802 and 775, respectively - both of which are slightly lower than Wilson's three-year numbers. One might argue that Burnitz should play some against righties because his superior defense offsets the small difference in hitting, but that's only if Burnitz maintains his hitting and defense, which doesn't seem all that likely. This shouldn't be a platoon situation. Wilson is just better.

By the way, here's another article on Wilson from today's Post-Gazette. The things Jim Tracy has to say about Wilson at the end actually seem pretty reasonable:

"I'm the type of manager who understands the importance of a bench and how many times the bench can win you a game during the course of a season...

"There are big pinch-hit at-bats to be had, especially in the National League. And I'll tell you this, too: If Craig Wilson is going to be a good player for us, which I definitely think he can be, we've got to find playing time for him apart from pinch-hitting."