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Link Roundup

-Another list of prospects, this one from Baseball Prospectus - the only Pirate in the top 65 is Paul Maholm.

-Here's an article on some of the pitchers the Pirates signed this offseason to minor-league contracts.

-Sean Burnett looks good, but Bryan Bullington's return from injury has been delayed. Don't expect anything from Bullington this year. Here's an article on Burnett.

-New pitching coach says he's found a flaw in Ryan Vogelsong's delivery. We'll see.

-Craig Wilson is in camp helping out as an emergency catcher.

-If you'd like to play in a free roto league with other Bucs fans, send me an email. There will hopefully be 15 or 20 teams, and the categories will include things like OBP and K/BB rather than, for example, stolen bases and saves.