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Link Roundup

-WTM summarizes a Baseball Prospectus article suggesting that some owners may be tiring of the Pirates' questionable uses of revenue-sharing money. (Also at OnlyBucs, be sure to check out Jim Sullivan's Spring Training journal.)

-Dodger Math on how the Pirates' offseason went:

So, for those of you keeping score, the Pirates spent 17.9 million dollars and their fifth starter [to make] their starting lineup older and worse. Sadly, since there is no justice in the world, the Pirates will likely get better this year, thanks to the Pirates' trio of excellent young starters: Zach Duke, Paul Maholm, and Oliver Perez. Because of this, Jim Tracy will be hailed as a hero and ?Tracyball? will sweep the nation.

-More Pirate bashing, this time from Rany Jazayerli:

jd (connecticut): Thanks for the chat! Do you see the Pirates' farm system producing enough good players to turn the team around in the next, say, 5 years?

Rany Jazayerli: Sure, if one of them comes into a large pile of money and buys the team from McClatchy. Otherwise, no.

-Here's the Stats Geek on the Pirates' defense.

-Another article about Jack Wilson's weight. Is it just me, or does he still look tiny?

-Randall Simon is hanging out in Pirate City. That's scary.

-Here's a Behind The Music-like feature on J.R. House.