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Community Projection: Zach Duke

UPDATE: The Duke Projections are now closed.

Now for the pitchers. First up is Zach Duke, whose spectacular performance last year was one of the few exciting things about the 2005 Pirates. Will he be able to keep up a star-caliber performance over the course of a full season?

Let us know in the comments by predicting his 2006 innings pitched, strikeouts, walks and ERA.

Here are Duke's major- and minor-league statistics.

The Ryan Doumit projections are still open and still need votes, so be sure to weigh in there.

The results so far:

Sean Casey 1B .300/.361/.446 .313/.373/.441
Jose Castillo 2B .275/.322/.441 .277/.325/.394
Jack Wilson SS .274/.316/.386 .272/.314/.395
Joe Randa 3B .275/.325/.399 .277/.332/.440
Jason Bay LF .298/.403/.547 .297/.395/.557
Chris Duffy CF .278/.331/.395 .287/.338/.384
Jeromy Burnitz RF .246/.317/.439 .240/.311/.412

The Joe Randa projections are very interesting. Again, ZiPS and the community largely agree on Randa's batting average and on-base percentage, but disagree on his slugging percentage. In fact, not one person predicted that Randa would have a slugging percentage as high as the one ZiPS is predicting.

As with the Castillo predictions, there are good reasons for the differences. ZiPS probably doesn't 'know' that PNC Park is a very unfavorable park for right-handed power, and it also may not know that Randa's power completely disappeared after moving from a homer-happy ballpark in Cincinnati in the middle of last season.