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Community Projection: Oliver Perez

UPDATE: The Perez projections are now closed.

Another tough one, and one in which ZiPS lacks some important information. Perez's statistics in the Mexican League weren't good, but Dave Littlefield has pronounced him back to normal. Do we believe him? Will Perez's 2006 look more like his 2004 or his 2005? Let me know in the comments by guessing his 2006 innings pitched, strikeouts, walks and ERA.

Here are Perez's minor- and major-league stats.

Don't forget to weigh in on Zach Duke.

The results so far:

Ryan Doumit C .267/.334/.441 .264/.327/.424
Sean Casey 1B .300/.361/.446 .313/.373/.441
Jose Castillo 2B .275/.322/.441 .277/.325/.394
Jack Wilson SS .274/.316/.386 .272/.314/.395
Joe Randa 3B .275/.325/.399 .277/.332/.440
Jason Bay LF .298/.403/.547 .297/.395/.557
Chris Duffy CF .278/.331/.395 .287/.338/.384
Jeromy Burnitz RF .246/.317/.439 .240/.311/.412

The community is a bit more optimistic about Doumit than ZiPS is, but both think he's going to be a good offensive catcher. Now if only we can get the Bucs to quit giving hundreds of at-bats to Humberto Cota.