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Bucs Cut Seven

The Pirates sent seven players to minor-league camp yesterday: Mike Johnston, Matt Peterson, Jonah Bayliss, Josh Sharpless, Javier Guzman, Andrew McCutchen and Craig Stansberry.

No real surprises here. Peterson and Guzman don't belong anywhere near the big leagues at this point. McCutchen is loaded with potential but is only 19. Sharpless has barely played above Class A. Sharpless, Bayliss, Johnston and Stansberry could all provide help at some point this year, but none (except maybe Johnston) should have had much hope of making the team out of spring training.

The more important cuts - including ones that could affect the constitution of the rotation, the bullpen and the bench - will be made later.

* * *

In guess-the-rotation news, Ian Snell pitched well yesterday against the Yankees' B team. (Seriously, look at that lineup. After Jorge Posada, the biggest name is Miguel Cairo.) Tom Gorzelanny was decent against the Tigers, although he walked two batters in three innings. Snell seems to have a nice head start toward earning a spot. Victor Santos and darkhorse candidate Brandon Duckworth pitch today.