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News Roundup

PHOTO: Brandon Duckworth (

Lots of interesting news today:

-P- Ed Eagle says Brandon Duckworth is turning heads. Please, everyone, avert your eyes. There is no way Duckworth should be in the Bucs' rotation. The AP, however, says that Duckworth "may be emerging as [the] top #5 starter candidate."

Just to be clear, Duckworth has not even been a very good starter in AAA the past two years, and he's 30 years old. When a team puts a 30-year-old nobody in a starting rotation, they'd better have a very good reason to, and at that age, potential is rarely a good reason.

-P- Craig speaks!

Despite being told he will get plenty of at-bats - and he has this spring - Wilson wonders where they will come from when the games start counting, since Casey and Burnitz rarely take days off.

"I guess you could say it's not something you see around the league very often," Wilson said of being sent to the bench despite being productive when he plays. "It is a little unusual."

Watch out! For Wilson, that's practically a wall-punching, Gatorade-cooler-trouncing temper tantrum. Not that I blame him.

-P- The Stats Geek says that the Pirates' decade-plus of consecutive losing seasons represents one of the longest streaks of futility in baseball history.

-P- Paul Meyer says that Ian Snell is "almost a lock" to win a rotation job. It's amazing how much press coverage about Snell has changed in the past six months.

-P- The Bucs will make roster cuts today.