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News Roundup

-P- The Pirates cut Jose Bautista, Ronny Paulino, Mike Edwards, Scott Strickland and Britt Reames. That Paulino, Strickland and Reames will not start the season with the Bucs is no surprise, although we may see Paulino and Strickland in Pittsburgh at some point during 2006. The cuts of Bautista and Edwards simplify the battle for the last man on the Bucs' 25-man roster. If Bautista is the third baseman of the future some think he is, it's only because there aren't any other legitimate options in the farm system. He's not a great prospect, so I'm not too concerned about the Pirates protecting his service time. Still, if all he's going to do in the big leagues right now is be the last man on the bench, it's just as well the Pirates sent him to Indianapolis to play every day.

-P- Clear Channel is interested in the rights to broadcast Pirates games - and probably, if they're being honest, every major league, independent league, little league, and softball beer league game.

-P- Here's a preview of the Pirates that I'm posting mostly because it's long and it's interesting to know what non-Pirates fans say about the Bucs. For example, when someone says that Jeromy Burnitz should be a liability on defense but his offense should be fine, that's... interesting.

-P- Damaso Marte is still hurt. Braves pitcher John Thomson is hurt too, making it unlikely the Pirates will trade for him.