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Carrara Cut; McLouth has Shot at CF Job

Lots of juicy news today:

-Giovanni Carrara was sent to the minors today, simplifying the bullpen situation somewhat.

-Victor Santos stunk today, allowing seven runs against the Twins. Brandon Duckworth also played badly in a minor league game at Pirate City. Neither is exactly running away with the fifth starter job.

-Nate McLouth may yet win the centerfield job, which would be interesting:

"We have some tough decisions in center field and with our extra outfielders," said Littlefield. "We continue to talk about those things. Nothing is a lock.

"We have some decisions to make. We play 162 games. One game doesn't determine some guy being the everyday center fielder or the everyday catcher. We've got to kind of weed through some of these younger guys and see how they do."