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The Post-Gazette reports on the Pirates' new advertising catchphrase, which is "We Will." Pirates employees compare the phrase to Gatorade's "Is It In You?" and Nike's "Just Do It."

All they really have in common, of course, is question-begging - Just do what? Is what in me? (Besides just Gatorade, presumably.) And, finally, you will... do what?

Here's your chance to finish the Pirates' sentence. Here are my ideas:

We will...

...Show up for 162 games this year.

...Take that silly Jack-Wilson-throwing-an-orange commercial off the air.

...Make buckets of money from the All-Star game.

...Misdiagnose our pitchers' injuries.

...Trade Joe Randa at the deadline.

What are yours?

UPDATE: A couple of smartalecks at Primer beat me to the punch here. Oh well. Have fun finishing the Pirates' sentence anyway.