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OnlyBucs Interviews Dave Littlefield

This may be the best interview with Dave Littlefield I've ever read.

Some of the more important points:

-The Pirates seem to like Nate McLouth. Littlefield says that Jeromy Burnitz, Sean Casey and Joe Randa were acquired in order to give McLouth, Brad Eldred and Jose Bautista time in the minors. (That explanation doesn't make much sense, since Freddy Sanchez could have played third in the majors while Bautista played in the minors, and the Pirates could have acquired a much cheaper fifth outfielder and let Craig Wilson start in right field while McLouth played in the minors, but anyway...) Littlefield says that of the three, McLouth is closest to being ready. He also says that McLouth will play center for Pittsburgh if Chris Duffy suffers a long-term injury.

-Littlefield admits he screwed up with Chris Shelton.

-Littlefield says that he signed Jack Wilson in order to "lock up" the up-the-middle defense for the next four years. He seems happy with Jose Castillo, Wilson, Duffy and Doumit/Cota/Paulino. This is odd, I think. Duffy doesn't seem like the kind of player I'd get complacent about, since he wasn't a spectacular hitter in the minors.