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Los Angeles vs. Pittsburgh, 12 April 2006

Tomko, Maholm (


Brett Tomko (1-0, 4.50) vs. Paul Maholm (0-1, 7.50). Think of Tomko as the Dodgers' version of Kip Wells - he has very good stuff, including a good four-seam fastball that has sinking movement, but he's never been a star because he walks too many people and strikes out too few. Unlike Wells, however, Tomko has been decent the last two years. He's the first hard-throwing pitcher the Pirates have faced this season. Maholm will try to rebound after a bad first start.

Box Score: Craig Wilson is at first. Freddy Sanchez gets the start at third.

...Jose Cruz Jr. hit a solo homer in the first to give the Dodgers an early 1-0 lead.

...I haven't watched it yet, but the second inning looks like a case in which Ryan Doumit's bat would help the Bucs a lot. The Pirates had Craig Wilson and Freddy Sanchez, probably two of their three hottest hitters, in the five and six slots. Both singled to start the inning, then Jose Castillo lined out. After that, the Bucs were left with Humberto Cota and Paul Maholm in their last two spots. How inevitable was it that Wilson and Sanchez would be stranded?

...Bucs win again, 9-5, thanks to very big games from both Wilsons. Their starts so far remind me of 2004. Too bad only one Wilson is in the starting lineup this time.