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McClatchy Responds to Keaton

Kevin McClatchy is clueless and he's a jerk, but at least he's funny about it:

"I'm probably as qualified to talk about film as he is about baseball," McClatchy said.

McClatchy said he is committed to winning and pointed out that the team is spending $14 million more on player salaries this season than in 2005.

"We had an increase in attendance last year. We're going to see an increase again this year," McClatchy said. "As long as that continues, we can continue to increase the payroll."

Still, Pittsburgh's $47 million payroll is the fourth-lowest in baseball. That was also addressed by Keaton on Monday.

First, you don't need to be an expert on something to talk about it. Second, what possible justification could McClatchy have for considering himself an expert? Whatever, it's nice to see this story in the paper again. This really is absurd:

1. Team invites actor to throw out first pitch.

2. Actor has nerve to criticize ownership of team right before he throws out the pitch.

3. One of the owners, apparently thinking that people will take the actor seriously (perhaps because the owner knows the actor is right?), actually responds to the actor in the press. He's an actor, for Pete's sake!

This is funny. Between this and the Dick Cheney debacle yesterday in Washington, I bet teams will be very careful choosing who throws out their first pitches next year.

Thanks to Primer.