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Why Pirates Ownership Hates Craig Wilson

A must-read from John Perrotto's "plog":

One of the reasons why the Pirates don't particularly like Wilson is he because he drinks lots of Pepsi...

Perhaps the other reason the Pirates dislike Wilson is that he has a sense of humor...

For the second straight year, the Pirates had each of their players paint a picture during spring training. The finished product is displayed on the PNC Park scoreboard during the player's first at bat of each game.

The paintings are then auctioned off for charity later in the season.

Wilson decided to have fun this year. The numerals 3 and 6 - Wilson's uniform number is 36 - are on each side of the Mona Lisa.

Yes, the Mona Lisa.

Wilson isn't one of the masters, nor does he purport to be an art aficionado. He painted the 3 and 6 then found a picture of the Mona Lisa on the Internet and pasted it onto the easel.

...[S]ome in the organization found no humor in Wilson's painting. They felt he made a mockery of the whole concept.

Perrotto neglects to mention that Wilson also "strikes out too much" and that he "goes about his business" in a disagreeable manner. Also, the Pirates also probably don't appreciate the fact that they have to buy an extra baseball every time Wilson hits one into the bleachers.