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St. Louis vs. Pittsburgh, 17 April 2006

Marquis, Maholm (

7:05 PM, KDKA

Jason Marquis (2-0, 3.97) vs. Paul Maholm (0-1, 7.71). Marquis is only 27, but he's been around the National League for many years. The Pirates hit him fairly hard last year, but Marquis pitched fairly well against the Bucs before that. Marquis' strikeout rate took a dive last year, but he was still able to use his sinking fastball to get tons of groundballs. He's also a very good hitter for a pitcher; he posted a 786 OPS last year, far higher than the Bucs' team OPS.

For his career, Jason Bay is 10-19 with three homers against Marquis. Craig Wilson is 8-15 with a homer and a double. Joe Randa is 4-9 with a homer and a double.