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Minor League Update

Indianapolis: Tom Gorzelanny continues to pitch well - he has struck out 19 batters in 14 innings. Sean Burnett has a 1.80 ERA, but he has only struck out three batters in ten innings. The Indians played the longest game ever at Victory Field yesterday.

I also just learned that the Indians' mascot is named "Rowdie" and he has a blog:

Saturday was my favorite day of the year! We kicked off the morning with an Easter Egg Hunt at the ballpark! Radio One sponsored the event, and I had so much fun with my fellow egg hunters. I did find a lot of eggs, and had a basket full of chocolate candy!

I wonder what Rowdy would say.

Altoona: Josh Sharpless has struck out nine in 6.1 innings. Baseball America reports that batters are only hitting .050 against him. (1-20, I guess.) Matt Peterson is actually pitching decently; in eleven innings, he hasn't yet allowed a run. Javier Guzman continues to struggle, posting a meager .282 OBP so far.

Lynchburg: Kyle Bloom is the only prospect playing well - in ten innings, he has struck out 14 batters. He has only allowed six hits. Clayton Hamilton, the marginal prospect the Pirates acquired for Bobby Hill, is getting eaten alive by Carolina League batters. The Hillcats are tied for the Northern Division lead, but there's little that's interesting about them.

Hickory: Andrew McCutchen had a good week, raising his numbers to .396/.420, which is about where they were at Bradenton and Williamsport last year (although these numbers don't seem to reflect his nasty 0-6 performance last night). Brad Corley and Steve Lerud continue to hit, and Eddie Prasch had a good week as well. It's early, but Butler native Jacob Cuffman has had a very good start to his season, striking out nine and walking none is his first eight innings. If he can continue pitching well, he's still young enough to be a prospect.