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Forbes: Pirates Made More Than $20 Million Last Year reports that the Pirates, Royals and D-Rays all made more than $20 million last year, thanks to revenue-sharing money from teams like the Yankees and Red Sox. In fact, here's an exact quote (emphasis mine):

By not using their subsidies to boost player payroll (which was the intent of revenue sharing), the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Royals and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays each earned more than $20 million.

This isn't something that most of us didn't already know, but it's nice to see it reported in a mainstream, nationally-read publication. Revenue sharing is going to undergo serious changes when the next collective bargaining agreement rolls around. And it should. The Bucs are freeloading. Not only should Bucs fans be mad about the crappy baseball, but other teams should be angry as well.

Thanks to Primer.