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Positives In A Crappy Weekend Of Baseball

I had a very busy weekend and fortunately missed all of this weekend's mess against the Astros. Some night this week when I'm feeling particularly masochistic I'll catch up on MLBTV. Here are the few positives I could glean from the box score and the headlines:

-P- Freddy Sanchez hit well on Sunday. (Joe Randa continues to hit like he did, or didn't, last year in San Diego.)

-P- Ryan Vogelsong got through four innings this weekend without getting bombed, which is progress. Actually, the bullpen - John Grabow excluded - was good this weekend, and the relievers' ERAs are becoming distinguishable from credit ratings.

-P- Actually, the pitching in general was decent this weekend - only Paul Maholm got smoked. Ian Snell turned in his first good start of the year - he has the Astros' number, I guess.

-P- Ronny Paulino had a two-hit game on Friday. Humberto Cota, well, he's still hitting .211.

-P- Ryan Doumit is better. He could provide the offense with a jolt when he gets back if he's allowed to play. (And if he stays with the team; it wouldn't be a huge shock to see Doumit sent to Indianapolis when he gets back.) The Bucs have used Cota sparingly over the past week, which is encouraging. From the same article, though, Brad Eldred is hurt.

-P- Jason Bay is near the league lead in walks, although that's partly because Randa and Jeromy Burnitz aren't protecting him. Not that any of us could have seen that coming.

That's all I got, folks. After all, this weekend helped the Bucs get off to their worst start since 1957.