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Pittsburgh vs. St. Louis, 26 April 2006

Zach Duke vs. Mark Mulder. This one's in progress.

...Five walks for Duke. Ugh.

...Bucs lose again, 4-3. Matt Capps and Salomon Torres continued to pitch well (and Capps has a sparkling 10-to-1 K/BB ratio; let's forget about the homers for a second), but after that, there isn't much with which to be encouraged here. Almost all the offense came from homers by Craig Wilson and Jose Hernandez. Despite pitching two innings yesterday, Roberto Hernandez was sent out in the ninth, in which he lost the game. Why wasn't Mike Gonzalez used today?

...I'm watching this now. Actually, three of Duke's five walks were intentional. But he was still clearly having trouble hitting his spots - he started the game with six straight walks.