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Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, 29 April 2006

Lidle, Maholm (


Cory Lidle (2-2, 4.74) vs. Paul Maholm (0-3, 7.40).

Junk, junk, junk - Cory Lidle throws junk. He gets through his starts by keeping the ball on the ground and avoiding walks, neither of which should be very hard to do against the Pirates.

Lidle also has a "Celebrity Poker Tournament." For obvious reasons, the tournament isn't in Philadelphia or any city Lidle has actually played in; it's in Las Vegas. Who goes to Las Vegas, sees that Cory Lidle (fifth starter extraordinaire) is hosting a poker tournament, and says, "Hey honey, we've got to see that"?

All kidding aside, Ian Snell has now snapped off two starts in a row since I said he shouldn't be sent down. Would saying "I told you so" be any stupider than it would have been to freak out after three starts and send him to the minors in the first place? Anyway, it's pretty safe to say that Snell is now far from being the Pirates' worst starter this year. That honor belongs to tonight's starter, Paul Maholm.

Box Score: Chris Duffy bats leadoff for the Bucs; a slumping Jose Castillo bats eighth.