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Pittsburgh vs. Milwaukee, 4 April 2006

8:05 PM, KDKA

Former Brewer Victor Santos (4-13, 4.67) vs. Chris Capuano (18-12, 3.99).

Like Doug Davis, Capuano is a crafty lefty who quietly had a pretty terrific season in 2005. He throws a fastball with good movement, slider and change. He also spent the spring working on a cutter, which may have contributed to his poor statistics then.

Box Score: Craig Wilson is in the starting lineup, batting fifth. Nate McLouth and Ryan Doumit are starting as well. Sean Casey hit a two-run homer in the top of the first to give the Pirates an early lead...

...Jim Tracy has Ryan Vogelsong in with the Bucs down one. Apparently, Tracy didn't get the super-secret memo about not using Vogelsong in close games. It was only the fifth inning, but still.

...Gabe Gross just hit a two-run homer off Vogelsong.

...Bucs lose, 7-5.