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Perrotto Gets It Right

Good column:

[Dave Littlefield's] best deal was sending Brian Giles to the San Diego Padres for Jason Bay and Oliver Perez. Giles was beginning the decline phase of his career while Bay has blossomed into a superstar and Perez has the potential, as he showed in Monday's opener at Milwaukee, to also be a superstar.

However, Littlefield has had his flaws, most noticeably his inability to get any value for his veterans at the July 31 non-waiver trading deadline - i.e. dealing Jason Schmidt for Ryan Vogelsong - and his bungling of the 40-man roster, resulting in the loss of such players as Chris Shelton and Duaner Sanchez for nothing.

Littlefield is also showing a Bonifayian tendency of overpaying for players, such as $6.7 for one season of Burnitz, three years and $20.2 million to Jack Wilson and two years and $6.5 million for Salomon Torres.

Shelton hit two homers yesterday, by the way.

UPDATE: I just noticed an anonymous commenter linking this below.