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Pittsburgh vs. Milwaukee, 5 April 2006

Zach Duke, Tomo Ohka (

8:05 PM, KDKA

Zach Duke (8-2, 1.81) vs. Tomo Ohka (7-6, 4.35). Ohka throws a fastball, curve, slider and change. All of them are junk, but he's very good with his junk - he scouts hitters and changes speeds well. Despite never really having a banner season, he's been an above-average starter every year since 2001. The Bucs will rely on Zach Duke to help them get their first win of the year.

Box Score: Chris Duffy and Humberto Cota start tonight for the Bucs. The Brewers will start Bill Hall rather than Corey Koskie at third since Duke is a lefty.

...2-2 in the sixth. Jason Bay and J.J. Hardy have homered.

...Bucs lose again, 3-2.