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Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati, 6 April 2006

Ian Snell, Brandon Claussen (


Ian Snell (1-2, 5.14) vs. Brandon Claussen (10-11, 4.21). Claussen was downright decent in his first full season in the big leagues last year, although he sometimes had problems keeping the ball down, which led to lots of fly balls and 24 home runs against, including 15 in Cincinnati's homer-happy ballpark. Like every other starter the Bucs have faced so far this year, he doesn't throw hard - the Pirates might be really confused when they finally encounter a starter who throws harder than 92 MPH or so. Claussen changes speeds well and has a good slider.

Sean Casey's homecoming aside, it would probably be a good idea to start Craig Wilson instead of Casey or Jeromy Burnitz against a soft-tossing, homer-prone lefty like Claussen, particularly in the Reds' park. Casey never hit very well in Cincinnati, whereas lots of hitters do. Burnitz isn't a very good hitter against lefties, but he does hit homers against them.

Box score.

...We're underway. Junior Griffey drove in Felipe Lopez in the first; Reds lead, 1-0.

...Tony Womack is batting leadoff. Unbelievable. And he's beating the Bucs right now. Double unbelievable.

...Joe Randa just hit a three-run shot. 3-3 in the 4th.

...Somewhat off-topic, but Chris Shelton is just going nuts, with two more homers tonight. He now has four homers, a double, and two singles in his first eleven at bats.

...Adam Dunn homers off John Grabow. 5-3 Reds in the sixth.

...Ryan Doumit just hit a two-run jack off our friend Rick White. 5-5.

...What a weird play on the single by Dunn! Bucs lose, 6-5.