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Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati, 8 April 2006

1:15 PM

Oliver Perez (0-0, 1.69) vs. Aaron Harang (0-1, 10.80). All this is kind of speculative - today's game just started after a two-hour delay, so who knows if a game will happen tomorrow or who will pitch if it does. I'm posting this now because I'm not sure whether I'll have internet access before the start of the game.

Despite getting shelled in his first outing, Harang is probably the Reds' best pitcher. That's faint praise indeed, but Harang really is pretty good. He throws a bunch of okay pitches, but, like every starter the Bucs have faced so far, he doesn't throw any of them hard. He also doesn't keep the ball on the ground - he's good mostly because he doesn't walk a lot of batters and strikes out a fair number. Harang is a great pitcher to have around, but the Reds would do well to try to trade some of their many flyball pitchers (Harang, Eric Milton, Dave Williams) for some guys who can keep the ball on the ground, if possible. Their park isn't well suited for flyball types.