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Jody Gerut Says He's Having Knee Problems

Greg already put this in a diary, but I'd like to comment on it.

Slated to be a reserve outfielder entering spring training, Gerut lost his spot on the bench to rookie Nate McLouth.

Gerut, who didn't report any recurring knee discomfort during the spring, was optioned to Indianapolis last Friday morning. That night, Littlefield said, Gerut informed team officials he was "having problems" with his knee.

This is depressing - even though Gerut's story reeks of BS, the Pirates' story isn't any more believable. Keeping in mind that this has happened to the Pirates before, either of two scenarios are possible:


LITTLEFIELD: Jody, we're sending you to AAA.

GERUT: No, you're not. I'm not playing there.

LITTLEFIELD: Yes you are.

GERUT: Ow! My knee hurts!


GERUT: My knee hurts.

LITTLEFIELD: No, it's doesn't.

GERUT: Yes, it does.

LITTLEFIELD: No, it doesn't, because if it does we can't trade you.

Is there any reason to favor one scenario over the other?