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Pirates Struggling With Marshall

I'm watching the Pirates try to deal with the Cubs' Sean Marshall, and it's embarrassing. Through five innings, he hadn't even thrown 50 pitches. I'm seeing lots of extremely brief at-bats, with hitters hacking at the first pitch that looks remotely hittable. This is especially troubling given that the Pirates have already seen the Marshall this year. Cubs broadcaster Bob Brenly just said that based on the night's performance, he didn't think the Pirates had any video of Marshall, or if they did they hadn't looked at it.

Victor Santos is keeping the Pirates in the game, basically pounding the strike zone. Jack Wilson mustered the Pirates' only offense by actually taking a few pitches, then knocking a single through the hole. He moved to second on an infield hit by Jason Bay, then got to third on a ridiculous play in which Wilson ran about five feet outside the basepaths to avoid a tag and somehow didn't get called out for it.