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Tracy: If You Didn't Play Baseball, You Don't Know Anything

Jim Tracy:

"I'm not going to answer that. I'm just not," Tracy said, raising his voice. "I'm not going to say that, by May 14, if so-and-so doesn't have two hits in a game, his [rear end] is out of there. I ain't doing that. If you played the game, then you know that you go through ..."

Again, I have to concur with Van Slyke, who has been dead-on this week. The "if you didn't play, you don't know" defense suggests that unless you played in the majors, you have no business criticizing someone who did. Never mind that other organizations don't lose constantly and that other organizations are able to back up their decisions in the press and avoid looking insane in the process. Once Tracy and the Bucs start winning consistently, I'll be more open to the idea that they might be able to make better decisions with their insider knowledge than the press and other fans and I can from the outside. Until then, they should shut it.

Tracy is #1 on my list with a bullet right now. Expect a bigger feature on his behavior soon, possibly today.